Hello world!…Again

A strange feeling bursts inside me while I am typing in my first blog entry in the last 3 years. Then I was wizardofkz now I am wizardofthekz 🙂 I shiver when it comes to thinking my writing actually got worse since my last time, so let me apologize beforehand for the posts that you probably will read and meanwhile correct the mistake, paraphrase the wording and etc.

Anyway, HELLO everyone and welcome back to my posts that now will, I guess, have my adventures that I will try to keep updated regularly (keeping fingers crossed).

I am an English teacher in Kazakhstan and no, I am not connected to Borat in anyway. I got a chance to visit the US and intern as a Kazakh teacher at Indiana University and take courses. A month passed since I arrived to America today and this is my first time here. So far I am well aware of the city I am in, Bloomington. But there is so much more I am anticipating to experience, go through, laugh at and cry over. The latter I hope is not happening at all, but I guess, simple people never get away homesickness or cultural shock phases easily. We will see. 😉


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